Grade 7 Digital Art students have been going on some really wild fakecations during the past week!  Just because we're stuck at home it doesn't stop us from having some great adventures! #digitalart #photoshop #kuperart #fakecations #webbasedlearning

Junior Art Club on webinars every Thursday, from 3- 4 pm. Contact Ms. Nguyen, Ms. Day, or Ms. Cohen for more info. We would love to have more participants!

Thanks to Skyla, sister of Holly and Makye, and future Kuper Student, for her Rainbow! #everythingwillbeoka, #çavabienaller#covid_19

Kuper teachers, like Mr. Pearce pictured here, are teaching classes from home during COVID-19.

Hey kids! Ever wonder what a staff meeting looks like at Kuper? Wonder no more! Your teachers are busy collaborating on various ways to give you the best education possible during this times of social distancing.

We’re all in this together. Even when we’re apart.